By nature I am not a good process person. This program kept me focused and organized and I would recommend it to anyone who seeks something more out of life. Life begins at retirement. It does not stop!

Irene Pfieffer, Order of Canada and Queen's Jubilee Medal


The NOT Retirement modules and exercises were both thought-provoking and affirming. I really appreciated the weekly group check-ins as well. This program could really benefit anyone wanting to re-evaluate where they're at in their life, not just plan for their retirement. In other words, life begins now... so don't wait!

Susan Hutchinson, Associate Professor, Dalhousie University


The ‘Not Retirement’ course really helped me to figure out what I needed to do for the rest of my life! The team gave me encouragement to finish my book and, also from them, I discovered how important a support group can be in all areas of one’s life. I was able to tell them some of my ideas and hopes, that I have never even mentioned before for fear of being criticized! ‘Live a good story!’ comes to my mind as I participated in ‘Not Retirement’! It was well worth my time as I looked forward to each week’s online meeting!

Karen Lunt, Author and Educator


While I was working, I took several courses on preparing for retirement which I found useful.  However, I found all the courses stopped short of actually laying the foundation for being actively retired.

The “Not Retirement” course provided a means of reimagining my retirement roadmap by identifying preconceived notions, prejudices and stereotypical thoughts on how I should be retired.  The course material was clear and thought provoking.  The peer interaction and participation was stimulating and fun.

I am now confident I can develop many new areas of rewarding activity in my retirement process.  I look forward to a renewed retirement phase of live.

I highly recommend the Not Retirement course for anyone considering retirement and for retirees seeking a reinvigorated life path.

Joseph (Pepe) Cassinat, Professional Engineer


Ed Britton's expertise in coaching is second to none. Many coaches guide their clients to reach for hedonistic / materialistic goals that bring only temporary satisfaction. Ed's unique perspective, abilities and skill-set help his clients focus on eudemonic goals - those ones that bring true happiness and joy, deep prosperity and lasting personal flourishing. If you have the sense that there is something missing in your life, something that is evading you or if your life's purpose seems to be a challenge to pinpoint, Ed is the coach for you.

Terry Lipovski, Head Coach, Ubiquity Executive Coaches



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