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NOT Retirement is a praxis based, personal engagement program. In other words, the emphasis is on putting your learning to work rather than simply 'book learning.'

The NOT Retirement Coaching Program is truly for those who are committed to taking action and LIVING BIG, whatever that constitutes for you. This is not an 'edutainment' or 'for interest only' program.

For the ambitious only!

If you are determined to be a dreamer and an achiever - please continue ... !


Multi-media, Online Learning Resources (lifetime access)

The rich multi-media online learning resources in Part I: The Best Thing You've Ever Done, propel you with the vision of the NOT Retirement movement, the concept of Passion Projects as the centre of your engagement in Adventure, Achievement and Contribution. Compare traditional and NOT Retirement lifestyles, envision your personal Passion Pursuits, learn the 8 core characteristics of NOT Retirement Rebels, conceptualize the NOT Retirement Framework and your personal launch.

Make your dreams real in Part II: You've Done This Before, Dream Again. Find joyful fulfillment through life balance, navigate transition like a pro, ramp up to speed with the thought leaders, beat ageism, imagine your dreams into detailed road maps and fill you quiver with advanced tools of achievement - enhanced brainstorming that makes good initiatives into best initiatives, discern your core values, make executive decisions, practice the art of commitment, apply advanced achievement strategy, set SMARTER goals, finding your game changers, options and actions for doing hard things, working in teams and online networks, and then making in better all over again. 

Workbooks are provided to assist in implimentation and action on the material studied.

Your receive lifetime access to the rich multi-media online learning resources on the NOT Retirement Coaching Program website.


Facilitation and Coaching

Registration in the online program includes faciliation and coaching as described:

  • Weekly one-hour workshop facilitation for all participants
  • Weekly one-hour group coaching sessions for 1 to 10 persons per group.
  • One:one coaching sessions provided for each participant, up to one session per week as desired.
  • Up to 30 emails per month for each participant.


Click below to register for the NOT Retirement Coaching Program and online resources -

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