The NOT Retirement Program

 The NOT Retirement Program is a premium coaching program supported with comprehensive online resources comprised of up to 24 modules and approximately 100 lessons at the Elite level. Different degrees of access to modules are available to workshop, NOT Retirement Lite and NOT Retirement Elite participants. Modules are weakly sequential so participants access all modules in their program from the beginning and study material in any order according to their interests and needs, and to according to the topics selected for workshops.


Ed Britton, Program Author and Lead Coach

 Ed Britton (BSc, MA, CPCP) is a diploma level graduate of the Certified Professional Coach Training Program of the Asia Coach Center Training Program (ICF), Asia Pacific Centre for Coaching, and a Masteries Practitioner with the International Association of Coaching. He is a graduate of Simon Fraser University (Biological Sciences), and Royal Roads University (Leadership and Training).

Mr. Britton has filled positions of Associate Dean (Trades & Technology) with North Island College in British Columbia, Canada, Director of Development with the International Association of Coaching, and is currently the independent NOT Retirement coach, affiliated with Ubiquity Executive Coaches. He specializes in the career coaching field and sees the post-job period in a person’s life as a coveted opportunity to pursue one’s passions in a NOT Retirement career (whether income generating or not) – the best thing you have ever done!


FREE Workshop: Discover Your Dream for NOT Retirement

NOT Retirement is for creating a mid and late life that steps far beyond the boundaries of traditional retirement. It’s free, but also transformative – a pivot toward adventure, achievement, and contribution in senior years. Contrast traditional retirement and NOT Retirement and learn a new frame for life after the job; fascinating stories of NOT Retirement trailblazers; how attitude and mindset profoundly affect what we achieve; practical activities for expanding your imagination and opening possibilities for discovering your passions – and for sketching your plan. The free workshop includes a 1:1 coaching session to support your achievement of an engaged NOT Retirement. Participants have one month access to the online training resources.



NOT Retirement Lite: Creating from Dream to Reality for NOT Retirement

NOT Retirement Lite follows the workshop. Set intentions for the rest of your life and mark your path to achievement. Serious (but fun!) work. NOT Retirement Lite consolidates your passion pursuits and develops clarity about how to achieve them. We take a deeper dive into the workshop modules and provide additional supports for achievement. The month-long program provides access to 3 additional modules: ‘Balance and Joyful Fulfillment,’ ‘Ageism,’ and ‘Better than Brainstorming’ (for creative expansion); and ‘SMARTER Goals. The package includes five 30-minute sessions of group and/or 1:1 coaching. Participants are encouraged to form accountability partnerships and/or mastermind groups. Participants have evergreen (never-ending) access to all online training resources and updates.



NOT Retirement Elite: Impossible Dreams that Come True

This elite coaching program is for the ambitious with ‘big, audacious’ passion pursuits. These are challenging intentions focused on self-actualization and outsized accomplishment that stretch beyond past performance. The best thing you’ve ever done. For big dreams and big achievers, NOT Retirement Elite adds modules on managing transition, characteristics of leading achievers, thought leaders in the NOT Retirement Movement, identifying core values, decision making, the nature of commitment, sophisticated achievement strategy, goal setting and achievement (including calculation of Important Value for prioritizing), incorporation of game changer techniques, options and actions for ‘doing hard things,’ team building in NOT Retirement, technology mediated networking, and moving beyond initial intentions. This 6-month, premium coaching service is for highly committed individuals. Access to weekly 1:1 and/or group coaching sessions is provided. The emphasis is on praxis (application of learning) and the program is rich with practical tools to help you realize your big dreams. Participants have evergreen (never-ending) access to all online training resources and updates.



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