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KEY NOTE: The Transformative NOT RETIREMENT Revolution

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 We have been socialized to disengage in traditional retirement. NOT Retirement is the better alternative – discover adventure, achievement and contribution like never before. The story of NOT Retirement’s beginning, the rebels and trailblazers showing us the way, the dangers of traditional retirement, NOT Retirement framework of Passion Projects, Profiles and Ambitions. And, best of all, how YOU can get started! This can be the first day of the best part of your life! 

  • Discovering the NOT Retirement revolution
  • Stories of the rebels and trailblazers
  • Traditional Retirement – it’s usually bad for you -avoid the pitfalls!
  • Passion Projects – adventure, achievement and contribution
  • The NOT Retirement Framework – Profiles and Ambitions
  • A Call to Action

Loving Later Life

Discover your choices for fulfillment and meaning in mid-life and later years. What do mature generations offer family, the workplace and especially their own lives? Explore opportunities for engaging in community and social causes, as well as personal development and making money. Discover adventure, achievement and contribution like never before! Whatever you decide, this is about loving later life! 
You have choices – good, better, best
Your Superpowers: what special qualities you have to offer
Helping family, community and social causes
Personal development projects
Generating income
Loving later life


    The 'NOT Retirement' Framework 

    The NOT Retirement framework models Passion Projects for individuals to facilitate a transform away from the dis-engagement often associated with traditional retirement. Intended for more technical audiences. NOT Retirement promotes the pursuit of three types of Passion Projects: Adventure, Achievement and Contribution. Individuals are characterized in four profiles relative to work-a-day life: Planner, Seeker, Over-Ready and Cut-Loose. Ambitions are classified into five categories: Family, Community, Cause, Personal Development and Income. An individual's 'NOT Retirement' is presented in a simple matrix illustrating these several characteristics. 'NOT Retirement' revolutionizes lives and the social relationship of mature generations to society.

    A brief history of 'traditional retirement'
    Rationale for a NOT Retirement revolution
    Passion Projects - the core of NOT Retirement
    The Framework: Profiles and Ambitions

      Adventure, Achievement, contribution

      What we learn from NOT Retirement trailblazers – those who have pursued adventure, achievement and contribution after leaving the work-a-day world. Diana Nyad who at 64 set a world record for long distance swimming (111 miles, Cuba to Florida); Anna Mary Robertson Moses, a celebrated American artist, who didn’t pick up a brush until she was 76;  Gladys Burrill, who ran her first marathon at 86 and finished the Honolulu Marathon at 92! And others – world renowned and close to home – who are showing us how to engage in later-life. Captivating stories that amaze (and warm your heart)! 

      NOT Retirement: adventure, achievement and contribution
      Stories that amaze – world renowned
      Stories that amaze – close to home
      What they share in common
      Personal possibilities to take home with you!

        The Income Ambition

        Think you are at a disadvantage to earning and creating income because of your age? Think again! How seasoned income seekers beat the barriers. The advantages to creating income as you mature. Discover a variety of options and resources for making money – even building a career or business. Explore choices for living a fulfilling and meaningful life in mid-life and later years. And take a look through the lens of the future to seize opportunities that you never knew existed. 

        What you know that just ain’t so!
        The special ‘seasoned’ qualities you have to offer
        Employment, self-employment, business ownership
        Building 21st Century core qualities and competencies
        Resources, resources and more resources
        Life outside of a pay cheque
        Own your future career

          It’s Who You Know (and who knows you)

          Making your NOT Retirement dreams come true isn’t all up to you! It takes a team; let’s talk about how to build it. Effective approaches to collaboration in a high-tech and high-touch world. Find resources to leverage and accelerate implementation. Work with the like-minded to share talents and resources. Simple approaches to negotiation and persuasion. Key partners and organizations that want you to succeed! 

          The essential journey from one to many
          Snowball network for more and better connections
          Conversations to relationships to partnerships
          Negotiation: from ‘me’ to ‘we’
          More help than you could ever know
          Act for social connection (even if you’re kinda shy)!
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