Ed Britton with backpackEd Britton is the ‘NOT Retirement’ rebel, and he lives it! A full-time career coach with Bow Valley College in Calgary, Alberta, he's speeding up when others might consider slowing down - a grandpa to 12 grandchildren, he and his wife Elise are each building private businesses and providing hours of community service every week. Ed is an active blogger and social media contributor, author, and an avid hiker in the mountains of western Canada. "The Boomer generation are revolutionaries; we live life in crescendo. You ain't see nothin' yet! What used to be called retirement is our next frontline - and it's not retirement anymore!"

Ed has a Masters Degree in Leadership (Royal Roads U., Canada), is internationally certified by the Asia Coach Center (South Korea), has extensive international working experience in China and Africa, and is past Director of Development of the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

In private practice, Ed intends nothing short of revolutionizing mid and late-life adventure, achievement and contribution."We have extended life.We have extended health. And now we will extend contribution and influence. Stagnation after the 9 to 5 working life? We want nothing to do with it!"

Ed empowers his call to action by arming his generation with the tools for mid and late life adventure and achievement. Are you a boomer who has audacious dreams to make ‘the best thing you’ve ever done’ a reality in your life?

Well then, join the revolution!


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The 'NOT Retirement' Logo - A Call to Action!

The 'NOT Retirement' logo embodies the movement. The center triangle represents a mountain, a metaphor for the achievement and accomplishment at the heart of 'NOT Retirement.' The circle symbolizes a holistic approach to mid and late life abundant living, and also represents the support from others that is necessary to achieve our most worthwhile amibitions. If you look closely, you will see a trapezoid in the background - a symbol of 'living life in crescendo.'

And blue - it's the open, blue skies of endless possibility.


The logo is inspired by a Mount Assiniboine located in the Rockies on the Continental Divide near Calgary, Alberta. Here's the original photgraph - 

 Inspiration for the 'NOT Retirement' logo.