Lonely? Slay it with Action!

Group of hikers beside alpine lake.Loneliness can happen if you are by yourself. Or you can be alone in the company of others. Sociality is not simply a matter of being physically present in a group if meaningful connection is lacking.

Loneliness grows in a variety of ways. Leaving the job can isolate us from our ‘tribe’ and we have nothing to take its place. Moving away to a traditional retirement community can separate us from family and long-time friends. Our family may be small, have drifted apart or widely dispersed. Reverting to adolescent self-absorption leads to isolation. Illness and immobility create physical, emotional and mental barriers.

Whether you are by yourself or in a group you may still feel lonely. The remedy is meaningful connection. Meaning is created with purpose, engagement and service for, and with, others. Add meaning and loneliness vanishes instantly. It’s a quick fix.

Being alone in the world is painful and harmful. Use that for your motivation, if you must, to take action toward purpose, engagement and service with others.

Who in your circle of influence needs help? Maybe they are lonely, too? Maybe there is a child who would love to be read to, show off a somersault or get help with homework. Your neighbour has a garden to ready for the winter? A family of newcomers who would love to walk together with you? Perhaps a homeless shelter needs a quilt made and donated – an opportunity for two or three to work on a project. Or could it be that your community needs a homeless shelter built?

Inactivity feeds loneliness. According to your capacity, there is ample opportunity for engagement with others in purposeful activity.

Take action, now! What is step 1 - the first small step out of the sad shadows of loneliness and back into purpose and sociality?

Lonely? Slay it with action.

Get up and take it. And then take the next step.

The world needs you.

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