Just Having a Doctor Nearby Doesn't Help Much

Simply having access to adequate health care doesn't seem to help longevity much. Having decent medical services nearby gives you, on average, something in the neighborhood of another year of life. That's a pretty lackluster result when you consider that 'thinking positively' can, by itself, provide well over 5 years of extra life.

Once again, 'what you do with what you've got' seems to make the difference. Having a doctor nearby can't be expected to help much if you don't pay a visit until you fall over! Your perscription won't do you good if you forget to take it three times a week. On the other hand, if you are conscientious about getting and following medical advice (and being responsible about life in other ways, too) perhaps one might expect better outcomes.

Research shows this to be the case. Those with high 'conscientiousness' scores have remarkably reduced mortality rate. By conscientious we mean responsible, organized and capable of self-control. The conscientious enjoy measurably reduced stress and stronger immune-system markers, for starters. I lost my car keys three times last week. Probably reduced my life-expectancy by a month!

Yeah, so, plan your day, slow down, make a list, finish the job, keep track of the car keys and do what your doctor says - regularly.

Apparently, just driving by the walk-in-clinic doesn't help much.


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